You don’t have to go too far to understand the sheer agony that modern day students have to endure in order to earn a college degree.

Just visit the nearest college campus near your residence and you can see a group of gloomy faces roaming around.

And what is the reason for these dark and gloomy faces?

Yes, you guessed it right – it is the assignments that they get and which they are compelled to complete within a stringent deadline.

Every modern day student from universities across the globe will attest to the fact that following the requisite deadline, extremely complex instructions, and strict requirements, have made their life a nightmare.

But the main problem which bothers the students is the fact that a majority of these projects are written assignments.

And, as a result of this, students have to produce hand-written essays and assignments, which is indeed one of the toughest jobs, especially when he or she is preparing for an examination.

Moreover, there is also a fear factor which comes into play. As freshers who are preparing a college assignment for the first time, simply goes into a state of frenzy because of the format and structure that a college project demands.

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

Surely there is, if one is willing to look for it.

But first, in order to compile a project that has substance, every student has to understand that he or she has to believe in themselves.

And if they are unable to do so they should most definitely seek out any one amongst a gazillion of online website that provides help.

The three stages of writing an assignment

Broadly speaking, an assignment, especially for complex subjects like accounting and finance, can be divided into three stages:

  1. Preparing oneself for writing the assignment.
  2. Completing the assignment.
  3. Properly proofreading and editing the assignment.

A majority of students do not pay much attention to these processes, and goes straight ahead for the writing part.

Therefore, if it is really good grades that you desire then follow these three tips given below for compiling an assignment that will not only blow your minds but also impress your professors.

Given below are three tips to help you secure good grades:

  • Pre-writing tips

Every student should first of all acknowledge the importance of preparing an assignment.

Once you understand its importance, the motivation to complete an assignment even with just 2 – 3 days will come from within yourself.

  • Tips on writing the main body

Once you are completed with the preparation process, you will see that preparing an assignment is not as dreadful as thought it would be.

However, if you still do so, do not hesitate to take the help of online sites that provide services like accounting assignment help.

Following are some tips on writing an excellent assignment:


It is, as the name suggests, an introduction about your assignment which will give an overall idea about your project to your professor.

Begin by giving a brief description of the background, so that the instructor understands that you have been able to grasp the topic and the question.

Then move on to take a particular stand on the topic. However, you must be extremely mindful while doing this because you cannot change your stand mid-way.

Finally, make sure to give an appropriate thesis statement in your last sentence. Remember, if you get this part wrong then your entire effort goes to waste.

The main body

This is the part where you have to put your information that you have gathered after rigorous research in a structured fashion.

Try to keep the paragraphs precise and to the point and also make sure they answer all the main questions of your assignment.

And, most importantly, all your information should be backed by appropriate evidence.


Do not put any new ideas or concepts in the conclusion part as it can hamper the points that you have mentioned above in your project.

Just highlighting the areas which might need more research in the future is more than sufficient.

Post-writing tips

Frankly speaking, it does no matter if you are a native English speaker.

Irrespective of what your native language is, it is your duty to properly proofread and then edit your own accounting assignment or any other assignment for that matter.

Here are some steps that can drastically polish your final draft:

Take a quick look through your entire paper

Firstly, check and be absolutely sure that you have been able to answer the topic as you were instructed by your professor.

This applies especially for complicated topics like financial accounting, mathematics etc.

Look for grammatical mistakes

Although the chances of making grammatical mistakes in an accounting assignment or any other technical assignment are low, then also look carefully and be absolutely sure your work does not have any grammatical or spelling errors.

It creates a bad impression on your professor as a result of which you might risk losing marks.

Use tools like Grammarly or any other tool if you deem it necessary.

Recheck the citations given by you

Now, this might need some time but you have to be sure that your citations are relevant and trustworthy.

Failing to provide proper citation can lead to deduction of marks, and in certain extreme cases you may be charged with plagiarism.

So, these were the three tips that will help you to create a stellar assignment with full confidence.

Follow all the steps and bag an ‘A’ for yourself!!