Online learning course summaries and recaps are important elements of any cyber learning course. Summaries boost interest by telling eLearners what to expect from the course, while recaps recite what has been studied before, in short, to promote knowledge retention. In the case of eCommerce, these essential course elements can help you facilitate your unique selling points or USP and increase sales.

As such, you need to come up with creative ideas to spice up online learning course summaries and recaps to make your offerings to excel.

Here are some tips to excel online learning experience with summaries and recaps.

1. Quality is always before quantity

The objective of summaries and recaps is not to bombardon learners with information. The aim is to assist them to note the sections that they need to pay focus to. When you take in too many details, you risk getting monotonous and repetitive. Whether you need accounting homework help or mathematics help, there are various ELearning providers which helps make use of the content you know beneficial and easy to comprehend. Piling too much information also leads to overload for cognition. It also frightens online learners into thinking that the eLearning course is too vast and beyond their comprehensive abilities.

2. Entertain before you enlighten

Too much knowledge at a time can potentially lead to overload for online learners. Again, only text will not aid all kinds of online learners to absorb the information. But a video or a visual representation can break the monotony and take care of learners visually and auditory. These facets especially useful for eLearning course recaps. After studying a whole course featuring just text, it becomes almost impossible to remember but an interesting video can break down the important elements for better cognitive purposes. Videos are not only entertaining and engaging, but also videos are an effective way of sharing tips, insights, and demonstrating processes.

3. Incorporate Interesting Graphics

The purpose of summaries and recaps in Elearning is to draw the learners’ attention and give them a brief overview of the left out topic. There is no way better than using interesting illustrations or graphics that prod the learners to read the online learning courses. This gives them an initiator view of the online training and how it can help them on a personal level. Furthermore, graphics snatch the attention of eLearners and avail them to concentrate in the best way throughout the eLearning course.

4. Vary Your Format

As we mentioned earlier, only text can become monotonous and repetitive, eventually will prevent learners from understanding with the content. Since summaries and recaps of eLearning course are meant to simplify the course, use different formats. For example, instead of just explaining facts and figures in a bullet list, it would be simplified if you use charts and graphs; Infographics are powerful visual content to help you get the message across while mending memory retention. Nevertheless, no matter which route you choose to study recaps and summaries, always try to follow the golden rule of eLearning, know what you need. Research and analyze reports to learn as much as you can about the topics backgrounds. And also research about the eLearning provider before commencing to it.